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When it comes to framing, let us put you in the picture

There are several important factors to consider when framing a piece of artwork and mounting is one of them. There are lots of combinations and ways a mount can improve the finished appearance should this be something you'd like.

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A mount is simply a card surround which sits between the artwork and the frame. Not only does this protect the artwork from coming into contact with the glass/frame it also adds a more creative look to your final piece of artwork. By mounting your piece of artwork it creates visual breathing space between the artwork and the frame, making for a more pleasant appearance as well as leading your eye into the piece.
Our mount card is specially treated and is PH neutral. This prevents any discolouration and stops the colour of the mount bleeding onto the artwork. In addition to our PH neutral mount card we also offer conservation and museum grade mount card. This is typically reserved for incredibly valuable originals and one off pieces.

Typically we would suggest selecting a mount card colour which features in your artwork, or as the Managing Director Mark Gask says "follow the colour", thus creating a link and tying all of the tones/shades together.

Single or double mounts: As simple as it sounds, one mount or two in complimentary tones to highlight certain aspects of your work. Traditionally when choosing a double mount you would select a neutral coloured mount on top such as a cream or white and a brighter/stronger colour on the bottom.

Slip mount: For very special photographs such as weddings or formal portraits, slip mounts are very effective. Our framers create a slip mount by beginning with a very slim frame, typically in gold or silver, which is then fitted onto the inner edges of the mount card.

Deep Bevel Mounting: This is fantastic way of adding more depth to the mount when you compare it with a regular single or double mount. Our framers create a deep bevel mount by attaching the mount card of your choice on top of a very thick layer of foam board, thus creating a deeper edge than you'd achieve with a single or double mount.

9EA4CE97 8FDD 4CED A045 B3A294B012E6Glass Types

Plain Glass: As clear as it sounds - Great quality glass that has been specially treated to reduce glare from falling light. Plain glass is more than sufficient for general use throughout you home, however it is not recommended for very bright areas.

Non-Reflective: If you're house benefits for plenty of natural day light then non-reflective glass would be recommend for your artwork. The surface of this glass diffuses the light as well as reducing the glare. Non-reflective glass is also perfect for very delicate and valuable watercolours and pastels as it prevents light damaging the piece over the years. Generally you'll find all modern photographs and posters are printed on high shine papers and because of this we always recommend non-reflective glass for these types of artwork. Overall, non-reflective glass will give your artwork a softer effect, but if in doubt – pop in past for a consultation.

Clarity: On request we can also supply you with UV protection glass which is the market leader in protective glazing. As well as offering 70% UV protection for ease of handling, the smooth surface is simple to clean, with a durable and scratch-resistant coating. No special cleaning products are required and both sides of the product hold the same properties. This means that either side of the glass can be placed against the art. When you choose UV Protective glass for your artwork you get outstanding protection from harmful rays without the loss of definition sometimes caused by non-reflective glass.

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