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Philip Raskin

Philip RaskinPhilip Raskin was born in 1947 and studied at the Glasgow School of Art. He then entered the world of business and became well known as the proprietor of The Inn on the Green, a celebrated jazz restaurant in Glasgow over which he and his wife presided. He did not lose contact with the world of art however, as the venue doubled up as a quality gallery.
Philip has returned full-time to his easel and brushes and has quickly established a singular handwriting, in which he succeeds in combining the weight and presence of acrylic paint with a subtlety more usually achieved in watercolour.
The overall landscape effect captures quite magically the texture and ethereal quality of his native Scotland and he is rapidly achieving a loyal following. Philip travels all over the UK giving demonstrations.
Philip's work moves very fast in our gallery so please pop in to see what is available.

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