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Kim Curson 

   Kim 2“Art for me comes from the soul and is about the simplicity of life. I believe it is often the small things that bring the greatest pleasure and not the so called ‘big things’ and I try to convey this in the images I paint.

Being a Mother has put me back in touch with the child in me and much of the childlike innocence and naivety in my paintings stem from this.

Painting is about doing something I love and a way of expressing my inner feelings and creativity”.

Kim has a passion for the outdoors, or ‘earth and sky’ as she likes to call it, and she aims to capture a sense of this in her paintings. It could be a certain light or look in the sky or sea, or a simple feature on a landscape. She then works with colours combining them until they achieve a harmony. Kim confesses to being in love with the colour blue and likes to experiment with creating as many different shades and tones and depths as possible. Also a fan of pinks and reds, she likes to include these colours in subtle ways and also often primes her painting surface with one of these shades to give warmth to her images.

Kim’s images of starry nights and cosy cottages are inspired by some of the children’s stories she has read to her small son. She loves the innocence in the stories and also the cosy feeling of being wrapped up together while reading the stories. These feelings are depicted through the tiny cottages with their warm fires burning inside and in the stars in the night skies over head, where we go to dream in our imaginations and which are full of future potential.

“I hope you will enjoy the return to a sense of innocence.....”   

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