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Paul Doyle

Paul DoylePaul lives in North Lincolnshire but his home county is Warwickshire.  He was born in 1964 and grew up in Coventry with his two sisters until he attended boarding school in Shropshire at the age of 11. This era found him playing numerous sports including rugby and athletics, it also proved to be a great start to his lifelong love of art. He loved nothing better than to while away the hours in the art room to which he had his own key. At this time he worked in pencil, charcoals and oils to create detailed pictures of motorbikes, cars, wildlife and fantasy.

On leaving school, Paul took a position as an apprentice draughtsman. Recognizing his talent, a firm position was offered which led to Paul spending some years travelling the world producing promotional graphics at sales and marketing conferences for many well known companies.

In 1997, Paul decided that the direction in which he wanted to pursue was painting, so he left his job and set about finding a publisher with his already extensive portfolio. During a visit to a trade show, he met Sally Mitchell. Sally spoke at length with Paul, offering lots of advice on how to progress and being impressed with his work, offered to publish him. Paul says; Sally was the only publisher who offered me the chance to paint whatever subjects I wanted to, this gave me the fantastic opportunity to explore the ideas I had. I wanted my pictures to tell a story and Sally let me find my feet.

The first picture published was a Black Labrador, entitled Watching this proved to be the start of a succession of highly successful prints, many of which sold out quickly. His achievement in such a short space of time has been astounding, and he was honoured to have one of his works accepted into the prestigious Kennel Club Gallery in London during 2004. His idea for a series of dogs drinking beer, starting with the now sold out edition of Three Must Get Beers proved to be the start of something unparalleled.