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Jennifer Hogwood

Jennifer HogwoodBorn in one of the home counties: Bedfordshire, she grew up with a love & respect for nature & her passion for horse riding meant she spent many hours outdoors. Interestingly, although Jennifer has always enjoyed art and painted, she is a completely self taught artist (as is another great wildlife artist David Shepherd) & she has a particular way she creates each new painting. She will start with pencil and sketch and create the artwork and continue to 'build up' the picture detail and once she is happy, only then will she begin to put paint to canvas; then layering the paint on in stages and literally building up the colour palate through this method and adding specific colours to try and make each original unique.

Jennifer has also formulated her own particular brown colour which she will use with every original and from this base paint she will blend with other colours before applying - the trick being she knows through experience exactly the finished colour she will create when 'her' brown is mixed with other colours.